Retroactive Pay

Retroactive wage increase

Historically, when the GTA Collective Agreement is ratified later in the academic year, the pay rate was negotiated to be applied retroactively. The accumulated pay increase has been paid on the paycheck following the ratification date.

For example, the previous CA was ratified by membership in January 2016, however the first salary raise was retroactively due in September 2015. Below is an example of the first paycheck issued once the CA was ratified:

The retroactive pay of $77.75 is the accumulated salary increase over 5 bargaining months, from September 2015 to January 2016. As you can see, in our last bargaining the duration did not impede your pay increase.

Your bargaining team is committed to negotiate the best deal possible, which may require a longer negotiation period. We believe members deserve a real wage increase, and we are committed to bargaining for this.