Tuition and compulsory fees

According to our recent survey**, around 55% of GTAs have to pay tuition and compulsory fees from their pocket at the beginning of terms. Over 70% of those have experienced financial stress caused by this payments.

Depending on the program, GTAs may be impacted by tuition/fees increase or not. Over half of respondents report that increase in tuition and fees decreases their net income.

The university has full control of the tuition, while most of GTAs are not protected from its increase. The table below shows how the total of tuition and compulsory fees (over an academic year) changes over time:

Tuition increase

* Source Fee Schedules, tuition/fees for 2018 are estimated based on Fall 2017 schedule

Minimal funding guarantees

SGPS maintain minimal funding guarantees that ensures that a Doctoral student receives at least $13,000 plus tuition funding. This does not include over $1,590 of ancillary fees, nor health insurance for international students of $612. After paying tuition and all compulsory fees

  • an international Doctoral student is guaranteed less than $900 per month,
  • a domestic Doctoral student is guaranteed around $950 per month.

Master's students do not have any guarantees.

* PSAC Local 610 Spring 2017 survey (553 responses)

** PSAC Local 610 Fall 2017 survey (820 responses)